Losing Ground and The Iowa Caucuses

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Tamjyv8fc8&feature=youtu.be — Wednesday, January 20, 1988 James Rutenbeck asked if I could shoot for him in Iowa tomorrow. He has been filming a farmer-family in distress and close to losing their farm. The Ferraris are loosely related to the family in Maranello. Richard Gephardt's campaign people chose their farm for a photo opportunity. I taxied… Continue reading Losing Ground and The Iowa Caucuses


I forgive myself. I give myself permission to be happy.  I am thankful for the many blessings of my life.  I try to have compassion for all sentient beings including myself.  I accept a posture of humility in the enormity of existence.   I forgive myself— Beginning with the lustful act in which I was… Continue reading Meditation

The Bushwick Chronical

From the Bishop's journal-June 1996 John Melville Bishop The flight was a red-eye to Detroit. I wanted to sleep, but an unhappy one-year-old in the seat behind cried piteously all the way and kicked the seat back. Nearing dawn we descended low over farmland covered in patches of fog, a mist hung only a few… Continue reading The Bushwick Chronical

The Silver Room

A guy I new briefly in New York died last month. Through the great synchrony of the Universe, I also found this old journal entry written shortly when I took this photograph which has been on my office wall for decades with the tittle—Peter Pastorelli Smoking a Joint in the Silver Room. The room was… Continue reading The Silver Room

Letter to Peter Bishop on the Ocassion of His College Graduation 1982

Dear Pete, I guess there is no way I can accuse you of not giving me enough time between graduations to come up with an inspiring letter. All the same, I have been meaning to sit down and word process you a few lines of fraternal wisdom for several weeks without finding any cosmic theme… Continue reading Letter to Peter Bishop on the Ocassion of His College Graduation 1982